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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 24, 2016 6:06pm
Forum: movies Subject: John Hauser – Uploader Extraordinaire - no end in sight nor expected

John Hauser – Uploader Extraordinaire ≈ Half A Million+ per year-no end in sight nor expected

Well lessee,

20150523 ≈ 13 pages ≈ 1,350 items or 1 item every 64 sec for 24 hours

20160524 ≈ 14 pages ≈ 1,445 items or 1 item every minute for 24 hours

If he keeps it up, at this rate and it looks like there’s no stopping, by the end of the year he will have contributed 385,000 items.

At the present rate, by this time next year Missr Hauser will have contributed well over half a million items - - -

Welcome to Hauser’s Haus

Noah 8-?

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Poster: PDpolice Date: May 25, 2016 1:57am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: an end in sight

This websites management does not seem to show any interest in your postings about the subject of mass file uploading. Incoming uploads filling the Community Video section has been covered by others several times with only a cursory response that it 'is the way its done'. As someone who awaits the uploading of a rare film snippet that is not known to have survived the now 100 years since its creation this account finds these mass uploads a trivial annoyance. The scattershot censorship here and its related possible erasure of "good" materials is another concern. But neither of these match the ongoing planned exclusion of the overall community at the still named "Internet Archive".
Please review the number of incoming postings and the "Forum" they are posed in. If you click the link the past 10,000 postings will be displayed. It will become apparent that the Grateful Dead forum is now the top interactive community on the site. The fear that some had when the BETA was forced on the once active forum community has been realized. That only one forum is still active may be due to the admin who shows a fondness for that band. Most library's have curators or collection heads that review and promote their subject. Perhaps this website needs to consider a reorganization along the lines of an actual library. Or possibly there are objectives other than the community here.

This link displays the last 10,000 posting on what is currently named "The Internet Archive". If you scroll through it you will notice the dwindle of forums. A data person could make a chart of the reduction but would we hear it?

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 25, 2016 6:53am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: an end in sight

In all actuality, I really think that these mass uploadings have nothing to do with preserving anything for posterity.

It seems more likely these mass uploaders are experimenting with possible strategies to be employed to either obfuscate, overwhelm, slow down, or ultimately SHUT down a large site(s) in the future. . . . . an IA is just so optimistic in their own mission that they just WILL not consider any possibility that the mass uploaders might not have 'posterity' as their motive.
IOW ulterior motives are_not_to _be/will_not_be considered nor recognized.
Sorta gives one the impression of a wonderful benefactor smiling over a beautiful landscape right outa Courier & Ives while ants and beetles are steadily eroding the sox n' shoes. Only until really wounded will the admins/sysops do any thing protective.

Wow - - - - How does one find the jewels among such a pile?

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Jeff Kaplan Date: May 27, 2016 4:50pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: an end in sight

ok enough already. john hauser is a welcome and respected member of the archive who has won awards for his efforts to preserve public access television broadcasts. he is organizing public access stations all over the country to upload their programing before it disappears and to make it accessible to others who may want to use it.

you may think you are clever and amusing but really this is becoming an annoyance and an attack on the character of mr. hauser. i'd request and suggest you cease these kinds of posts regarding uploaders. we welcome their contributions.

thank you.

This post was modified by Jeff Kaplan on 2016-05-27 23:50:15

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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 25, 2016 1:17pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: an end in sight

Do you actually welcome Hauser's uploads to the overwhelming and possibly exclusion of all others?

We've see literally THOUSANDS of uploads in a single day - - - every 20 seconds for each and every minute of the entire twenty four hours.

If all those stations want to preserve their Publicly Paid-For broadcasts, there is the Library of Congress which already DOES store those broadcasts. They are, as we speak/type, transposing the tapes - audio AND video into mp3 and mpg files (I'd like to say 24-7 but it it's more like 8 to 5 daily). Oh they've got reel-to-reel but they are also one of the few places on the planet that still have the 8 track players-the professional models.

The Government OWNS those stations - - - do you seriously think that those broadcasts are NOT saved elsewhere in government resources? Government broadcasts - - - of THOUSANDS per each and every day?

Betcha the Deadheads haven't noticed.

Maybe a look at the ratio of Hauser to EVERY ONE else INCLUDING 555, Chris85, Hudt, Arkiver (stores Korean television broadcasts) is worth considering.

If what Hauser has is so important why don't you just have a hard drive swap every so often and keep the uploading server out of it? Like you said, you have limited resources and a limited staff, How are even they supposed to re-route items to their correct storage among the Hauser flood? you surely don't have the resources nor the personnel to monitor these multitudes.

So much for my nickel's worth.

Noah 8-?

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Poster: PDpolice Date: May 26, 2016 1:21am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: The end of site. Admin - do not read

This forum posting has an "Admin - do not read" in the subject line. The "Admin - do not read" should be honored in the same fashion as the robots.txt file is honored in a web crawl. Therefore no part of this posting can be considered "an annoyance" to any of the Internet Archive staff.

So Nowhere-ate,
Looks like you have the honor of being close to removal from the Internet Archive. At my library they just say 'Shhh" if you talk too loud.
I suggest you create a new screen name from a different IP address. Then post some nostalgic drug references and make an obscure comment about the shows from '71 being better because the mike set-up was reconfigured. All will than be forgiven.
Just never again point out the Emperors tailor may be lacking something.